Many of the positions our cosmetic clinic clients offer are dependent in part on knowledge of taking bloods ( venepuncture).

If you are considering a career opportunity which involves clinic nursing or ward nursing it may be worthwhile taking a day course. Many offer a certificate which can strengthen your CV.


The following courses are available:


This half-day practical session is designed for nurses and midwives who wish to gain an understanding of the theoretical and practical principles of venepuncture and cannulation. The session is primarily based upon the adult patient, with adult mannequins for practice. In addition, a period of supervised practice will be necessary to consolidate the theory and skills covered during the study day in your clinical area. It is the practitioners responsbility to organise this within their hospital.

Annie Barr

Annie Barr Associates design and deliver accredited clinical and non-clinical training courses for healthcare professionals.

Vein Train

Utilising decades of experience, evidence-based practice and analysis of what works best for learners, we make learning easy, enjoyable and effective. Clinicians return to their workplace with added confidence and renewed enthusiasm to continue to improve their competence and technique.

MK Update

Skills training for taking venous blood samples from the arm. On successful completion you will be equipped with underlining theory and skills to gain competence under clinical supervision of a practitioner in your own workplace.

Venepuncture Training

This course is designed for professionals having some prior experience plus knowledge in the field of phlebotmy, or healthcare! Professionals like, doctors, nurses, paramedics, HCAs etc. are perfect for this course.