Advice on your CV

A well written and considered CV is the first step to getting an interview. Here are some tips on composing a tailored CV to give you the best chance for an interview.

Creating a WINNING CV!

You’re advertising YOU!

A CV is a document which is designed to 'sell' you to your prospective employer. It simply has to have the X Factor if you are to stand a chance of winning an interview.

Stand out from the rest!

Recruiters and employers see hundreds of CVs and most of them look the same. As a result, many of them don't even get read. Be different and make yours stand out.

Be factual with employment and dates

Employers are likely to check the dates of previous employment and to ask you about your achievements detailed on your CV so make sure you use the correct information.

Be yourself

Let your personality shine through whilst being professional. After all, you want your employer to think of you as a person, not just a piece of paper.

Be proud

Shout about the things you are really good at and all those fantastic things you have achieved in your previous work, at college and in your personal life. It's one of the only opportunities you will get to boast without being accused of showing off!

Give it the WOW effect

Having read your CV you want your prospective employer to say

'Wow, I want to meet this person'

Your dedicated Recruitment Consultant will know the best way in which to present your CV to their trusted Clients so it’s always best to leave the final draft to them to perfect and send on.